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Description of 360 degree video camera’s complete meaning,features and working for obtaining magnificent images

360 degree video camera devices

360 degree video camera is an advanced technology camera.It helps users to view image from any position.Also we can see the top,front,rear or side portion of an object.We can fully rotate the camera too.

These cameras have the advantage to capture image from any angle.In addition to this there are lots of options to do editing and we can do highest level of zooming.Furthermore users can record video for longer duration of time.

What is the reason for high demand of 360 degree video camera by customers?

Firstly,the cameras of this type are dustproof,shockproof and waterproof.Secondly,we obtain a 3D,HD quality video.The most noteworthy features include LCD or latest screens,large size memory and strong battery.Also,it’s technology fulfills the desire for having a small size and light weight camera.

What are the various purposes of 360 degree cameras?

360 degree video camera view

i)In adventure sports – suppose a person is performing a high jump or long jump.It can record an action of even very short interval of time.

ii)For special events – Like birthday parties or social gathering.The sound quality is really great.

iii)In tourism industry along with other industry- An individual can capture a beautiful scenery.Then we can add colours or for example change the background colour of a recorded imageto black and white .

iv)We can view the top surface or roof of a building. Consequently it finds application in the art and architectural work.

What technical steps does 360 degree camera follow for working?

1)Capture -Since there is a setup of multiple cameras and wide angle lenses,therefore one can capture a full 360×180 degree field of view.

2)Stitch-The different videos are changed to single video of high resolution.

3)Play – The videos are delivered as a regular stream of files as per the user’s choice.

What are the sites where people can upload 360 videos?

We can upload on sites like Facebook,Twitter and YouTube.

What are the brands where users can activte 360 degree video?

360 degree video Ricoh Theta

Ricoh Theta.

360 degree video camera kodak's sp 360

2.Kodak’s SP 360.

3.IC Real Tech.





360 degree video camera drawbacks :-

360 degree video camera IC Real Tech

1)They are costly.

2)The developers install multiple cameras together to build the device.As a result it is difficult to design and manufacture.




What are the price ranges of these cameras?

The average prices are $100,$200-$300 and upto $500.

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