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Car Mobile Holder designs and its importance to users in a variety of ways


Car Mobile Holder is used to keep and locate mobiles  safely and securely.There are 100% high quality materials like plastic,rubber that are used to make this device.These devices  can be placed very well in smooth surfaces.There is improvement in quality as no scratches are built even after long time of  use.So these are highly durable products.

The length of charger cable(long or small) fits into the mobile placed in holder.If  the car is moving with high speed or car experiences a jerk then also the mobile remains fixed.Some of the brands can fix mobile simply by the push of a finger softly.This kind of device is called One-Touch device.

The car mobile holder cab be rotated,tilted or expanded which makes it very easy to view the mobile in portrait or landscape mode.

1.TaoTronics Car Mobile Holder :-

Features :-TaoTronics car mobile holder

1. Mobiles can be tightly attached.

2.Holder can be rotated all around 360 degree.

3.The level of grip can be adjusted for all smartphones.

4.The width size is fine.

                                      Price – $10-$20.



2.Zilu CM001

Zilu CM001 car mobile holderFeatures :-

1.Can be placed on the surface of any object.

2.Highly compatible for all kinds of mobile phones.

3.Easy to use.

4.Can be viewed at different angles.

                                           Price :-$10-$50.

3.WizGear™ Car Mobile Holder : –

WizGear™ car mobile holderFeatures :-

1.There is a strong magnetic force which holds mobile.

2.The rubber base of holder keeps it working efficiently.

3.More preferred by customers.

Price :- $5-$20

4.iOttie car mobile holder :

iOttie car mobile holder Features :-

1.The mobiles can be put on the holder or released with least effort.



Price :- $10-$20

5.Ipow car mobile holder

ipow car mobile holder Features :-


2.Keeps device protected.

3.Can be fit into car’s CD slot simultaneously.

                                  Price :-$10-$20

Besides these all devices are flexible and adaptable to any shape.Highly versatile as compatible with all smartphones. We can easily go through the GPS option of phone even when it is kept in holder.The  product has its charm as it can be raised to height vertically,stretched horizontally,inclined at any angle or rotated circular by fully 360 degree.The cost of the device is quite economical.