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Kids Tablets demand in USA with it’s usage advantages and drawbacks for the children

kids tablets appearance

Kids Tablets are the tablets designed especially for kids.So,the children are busy as long as they are using the device. The parents in USA are happy seeing the utility of tablets for their kids.

NABI was the first brand of all other Kids Tablets launched in market.The kids play games and watch animated videos.Besides this they also use several apps.

How the parents control the tablet from inappropriate use by their children?

i)The parents can approve their wards to play specific games,watch specific videos and use certain apps only.

ii)They do settings by parent mode feature of tablet for restriction on the time hours for using tablet.

Top Kids tablets brands in USA :-

i)Nabi Dream Tablet 

  1. Android O.S
  2. 16 GB Hard Drive,2 GB RAM
  3. Li-Ion battery
  4. Supports Wi-Fi.




ii)Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro

  1. Windows 10 HomeSamsung Galaxy Tab Pro kids tablets looks
  2. 128 GB Hard Drive, 4GB RAM
  3. Lithium-Ion battery
  4. Intel Core m3 processor




iii)Fire HDX 8.9

Fire HDX 8.9 kids tablets

  1. Quad Core processor.
  2. 16 GB or 32 GB Hard Drive.
  3. Supports Wi-Fi
  4. HD display.




iv)Leap Frog

  1.  Android O.S.
  2. 16 GB Hard Drive.
  3. LCD screen.
  4. Li-Ion battery.





What are the benefits of kids tablets?

The children can gain more knowledge by accessing educational apps and websites.Most noteworthy effects are for the subjects like Maths,English and Drawing.First of all the developers insert only safe contents in these kind of tablets.Also most of the brands are compact in size.Besides this it is easy to handle the device. Many softwares are already installed in kids tablets.

Why there should be limitation  to the use of tablets by kids?

It is not a right sign if kids are interacting less with parents and engaged with the device everytime.As a result a child’s developement will slow down socially,emotionally and physically. Henc they must need to spend sometime to see nature and physical environment.They should check eye-sight level does’nt deteriorate if sitting for most of the time and looking on screen.

What are the price ranges of tablets for kids?

The average prices are $100,$150-$250,$300,$400-$500.