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Koala Safe software and its uses with advantages

Koala safe router

Koala Safe Software creates a new Wi-Fi network that controls all other user’s access interconnected together.We just need to unpack,plug in,set the time limits,blocking of sites and apps across all devices in home.

Koala safe router looks2It has following features:-

1.Parents have clear insight about the things their kids are accessing online.

2.Block inappropriate websites or videos.

3.Control the Apps supported across the network.

4.Internet stop button.


(i)It’s available as free trial apps in Android or iPhone.


Can we have timing control on children when they watch any video like Minecraft Videos?


Koala Safe router looksYes we can set time limits for how long the children spend online. However, we cannot specify a length of time for a single category of YouTube videos. We plan to add per-site and per-app time limits in the future

As an adult, can we still see blocked sites?

Yes, the main user remains on existing network and also if  it is unchanged. If you share devices, you will be able to enter a PIN code to go into “Unrestricted Mode”.

Does Koala Safe replace my existing modem/router?

No, Koala Safe plugs into user’s existing router .

Do I need to install anything on my tablets, phone or computer?

No, Koala Safe works out of the box and you can make any changes using the management web page. However, there is a companion smartphone app for additional features such as one-click “Turn Internet Off”.

Can there be blocking or unblocking of a specific site?


Does Koala Safe makes browsing for kids less protected?

No, never.It is safe, healthy Internet for kids.There is no interference  with any Internet safety measures such as the encryption used to ensure sensitive data (SSL/TLS).

Will it work in every country?

As it can be plugged-in using ethernet cable so it can be used everywhere.

What is the returns policy of product?

The customers can return the device in 30 days and 1 year time for replacing hardware.