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Online Payment Gateway of USA top examples


Online Payment Gateway Services is an e-commerce service where customers can use credit cards or any other types of internet transactions while buying products from e-commerce websites.It is a key factor in online business because :-

1)Guarantees proper selling and buying of products.

2)Business becomes trustworthy.

3)Secure and safe.

 What is e-commerce?

A-) By e-commerce we mean electronic commerce.Here we have business transactions via online processes.The customers can easily select items and make payment online in an e-commerce website.It is available 24 x 7 days.The vast variety of items can be viewed in an instant.So e-commerce is popular these days for following reasons :-



3)At any time and from anywhere.

4)Reasonable prices.

5)The product reaches customers in right time.

What are the factors to be kept in mind to use online payment gateways?

1.There is a sign up process so that users always login and logout.

2.Users agree to all terms and conditions.

3.During the process of using online payment gateway  there is no unnecessary filling of fields or forms

by users.          

4.More choices are available like debit card,credit card,PayPal etc.  

List of best online payment gateways:-


online payment gateway Authorize.NetThis online payment gateway was developed in the year 1996. Authorize.Net has high demand because of the satisfactory services it provides.Besides end users,the technical persons also prefer this mode.The amount charged for set-up is $49 and per month users need to pay $29.


2. Paypal Online Payment gateway:-

online payment gateway paypal

PayPal was finally released in the market in 1999. It is available free of cost irrespective of any fees to buyers.There is only a small amount charged in case of credit cards. Nearly 3.5 lakhs e-commerce sites use PayPal payment mode.





online payment gateway secure payThis was started in 1997. The remarkable services provided are online shopping cart, electronic check services and accepting mobile payments. The amount is charged in case of credit cards and $400 if a user closes up the account before expiry.



download (54) was established in 1999. It offer services to nearly 200 countries.The biggest advantage is that very little amount is required to be paid per transaction that occurred.Also there is no other charges by any means.

5. First Data Corporation:-

online payment gateway First DataThis is one of the oldest and traditional online payment procedure for users all across the world. It is known for high quality and very low transaction charges.

6. BluePay Processing LLC :-

online payment gateway BluepayThe BluePay Processing began in 2002. It deals with credit card and e-checks. It is managed by keeping in mind the data security factor.There is a monthly fees of $15.




7. PaySimple:-

online pament gateway paysimpleThis is one of the latest and modern payment gateway.It even supports mobile devices like i-Phones and i-Pads.The users can pay for many offers starting with $34.95/month.It is most suited for small scale and medium scale internet businesses.






8. online payment gateway:-

online payment gateway FastchargeWhen there is a transaction of large sum of money , is the first choice.The year of release is 2003.It is attached to nearly 5.5 k online shopping portals.It is limited to only credit card usage.The time required to complete the payment process is fast.The fees is very minute of just $10/month.

9. Paynova :-

online payment gateway Paynova

The service is operated from Sweden.There are 21 payment categories.Used for small size selling amount of products.





online payment gateway Square

Square Inc. is a mobile payment company.It supports exclusively hardware and software products of Apple like Square Reader for card swiping and Square Register Apps for entering inventory details and much more whenever transaction occurs or at the point of sales.