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Car Drivers Helpful Product Radar Detector

Radar Detector appearance

Radar Detector is a device used by motorists or car riders to check whether the speed of their vehicle is on a watch by policemen at a distance.A radar gun is used for this purpose. So, they can  safely reduce the speed before being  caught by police.


What are the factors affecting the working of radar detector?

The factors are :-

a) Adaptability of radar gun to different frequencies.

b) Strength of electromagnetic waves transmitted.

c) Time to transmit electromagnetic waves.

d) Software like GPS technology to know in advance the detecting locations.


Can anybody possess a radar detector?

No the person needs to have a legal license from government to use this device.


Brands Price Image
1.Escort PASSPORT    S55 $160-$180  Radar Detector Escort PASSPORT S55
2.Cobra ESD7570 $35-$40  Cobra ESD7570 Radar Detector
3.Whistler LR-300GP $80-$100  Whistler LR-300GP Radar Detector
4.Beltronics R65X $150-$250 Beltronics R65X RadarDetector


What are the features of  device?

a) 360 degree detection of all signals.

b) City/Highway operating mode.

c) Through GPS we have knowledge of locations in advance(stored database).

d)  Also alerts user of VG-2 signals.


How does the product works?

The radar gun has radio transmitter and receiver.When the current oscillates, the electromagnetic energy  travels through air.The antenna and amplifier propagates the signals and increases the intensity of waves.The receiver picks back the electromagnetic signals.It is converted back into current.

What are the factors to consider before buying this product?

(a) Radar Detector Range :- The good quality radar detector detects signals from far away distances.So,this measure is very much important as the person driving is safe from larger distance.

(b) POP Mode :- As the variety of radar detectors are available,so the police devices try to protect and cross-over such radiations.But with POP-mode feature,very short signals are sent and can detect any police vehicle.There is a proper frequency range of radar gun so the radar detector works well.

(c) Portability :- The radar detectors can be plugged anywhere or is runnable by a battery.Hence it is workable from any place.

(d) Automatic Learning :- The Radar which can detect false triggers,false signals,any other alarms helps the user greatly.

(e) GPS attachment with Radar Detector product :- GPS feature of radar technology alerts the drivers from traffic lights,fixed cameras too.