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Enjoy comfortable reading with no eye problem by Reading mode feature of Android mobiles

reading mode features

Reading mode feature of mobile keeps human eyes healthy everytime.We can enjoy reading from screen for longer duration of time.Nobody suffers from any kind of pain in eyes .Thus the screen adopts to human vision and external environment.We can read on-screen comfortably in any light intensity(dark,normal or dim).

What are the functions of  Reading mode?

It turns brightness of screen to minimum value.It automatically turns OFF when a user starts using any app.Besides this,the display and light reflection of screen remains constant.The sleep-time of screen increases.This means user can read contents continuously on the screen.When the reading mode is active,the notification sound changes to low sound.In addition to this it is active, it filters the Blue-light emitted from mobile devices.

How to set up the mobile screen for effective reading?


reading mode looks

First of all user should click the settings option.Secondly,Go to my device and select Display.Finally,turn ON the Reading mode switch.Then turn the switch OFF when not required.

What are the mobile brands that support reading feature?

There are brands like Samsung Galaxy S4,Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy Note3 that has this feature.There are other Samsung mobiles and tablets in this category.

What are the additional functions this mode can perform for reading purpose?

  • It alters the background colour as required for smooth reading.
  • It changes the font size to large or small.
  • We can enable or disable the Night mode feature.
  • It can do zooming of contents.
  • We can draw lines or symbols with S-Pen.
  • We can save a specific webpage.
  • We can share a webpage link.

reading mode appearance

Every person enjoys reading on-screen.One similarly feels like reading a book from top to end of the page.

What the apps that show this feature?

There are apps like Pocket, Instapaper, Readability that helps reading efficiently.Even i-Phones,i-pads along with Android types support this apps.