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Details of top five laptop companies with reasons for their wide acceptance by customers

top five laptops looks

Top five laptops company in the present market are DELL,LENOVO,HP,MICROSOFT and SONY. The good features of a particular laptop are :Microsoft Laptop :-


1.It should be compact in size and light in weight.

2.It should support all system softwares.

3. The best laptops have soft keyboard buttons and touchpad.

4.The CPU should have high speed for a good laptop.

5.The size of Hard Disk and RAM should be large to store more data for a laptop.

6.The good quality display of text,image or video is also an important feature of laptop.

DELL Laptop among the top five Laptops :-

Some of the popular brands and their reasons for high sales are as follows :-

i) top five laptops Dell VostroDELL Vostro 3458 – intel core i5 processor, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB Hard Disk,support windows 7 and windows 10.

ii) DELL Inspiron 15 i5558-5718SLV – 4th generation intel core i5 processor,8 GB RAM, 1TB Hard disk,support latest operating systems.

iii) DELL XPS 13 – core i5 processor, 4GB RAM, 256GB Hard Disk, supports Windows 8.1.



LENOVO Laptop :-

Top five Laptop Lenovo ThinkPadi) Lenovo Ideapad – intel Dual Core processor, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB Hard Disk,supports windows 10.

ii) Lenovo Thinkpad E450 – core i3 processor, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB Hard Disk,supports latest operating systems.

iii) Lenovo Yoga 500 – AMD A8-7410 processor, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB Hard Disk,supports Windows 10.






 top five laptop HPi) HP Notebook 15-ay011nr – 6th generation intel core i5 processor, 8 GB RAM, 1 TB Hard Disk,supports Windows 10.

ii) HP Pavilion 15 – Quad Core AMD A6 processor, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB Hard Disk, supports Windows 10.

iii) HP Stream 11 – r010nr – intel celeron processor, 2 GB RAM, 32 GB Hard Disk,supports windows 10.

Sony Laptop :-

i)top five laptop sony Sony VAIO Pro SVP 1321 ACXS – intel core i5, 4 GB RAM, 256 GB Hard Disk Drive, supports Windows 8.







i) Microsoft Surface Book – intel core i5, 8 GB RAM, 128 GB Hard Disk, Windows 10.

ii) Microsoft Surface Pro – intel core i7, 16 GB RAM, 1 TB Hard Disk, supports latest Windows.

Latest Technology for configuration of  best quality Laptops :-

i) Core i7 processor.

ii) 16 GB RAM.

iii) 8 TB HDD.

iv) Lithium-Ion Battery (Strong and powerful).

v) OLED Display.