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Video Conferencing Softwares Lists and details


Video Conferencing is a technology via which people from different locations can have audio,text,image or video transmissions interconnected together.These days video conferencing is widely used for commercial,medical,friendly purposes in offices or homes.

What are the different types of softwares for video conferencing?

1)TeamViewerTeam Viewer video conferencingThis software is used for accessing another computer from a distance or sharing and transferring files.The compatible operating systems are Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux,Chrome OS, iOS, Android,Windows RT,Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry operating systems.The data files are well organised or arranged before being shared or delivered.TeamViewer is provided free of cost.This software was founded in 2005 in Germany.After installation of TeamViewer both the local client and remote client will require each other’s ID and Password.After that every activity of online meeting,desktop sharing etc. can be done.

                                                          Click connect to partner->Enter your Teamviewer password->Start the access to computer.

2) AnyMeetingAnyMeeting video conferencing softwareUsed for small business web conferencing.It is also known as a Software as a service delivery(SAAS).These software is supported by almost every web browser.The first version was released in 2009.There is also password protected security.This type of communication also enabes monetary transaction like to be possible.

Sign-up or login->Click the tabs to start and invite your friends.  

3)WebEx Meetings Basic :-This is a company which provides web communication services like Meeting Center, Training Center, Event Center, Support Center, Sales Center etc.It was founded by CISCO company.It was founded in the year 1996.

Click Quick Start Software->Select the file you want to send->Use given tools according to your wish.

4)Google+ HangoutGoogle+ Hangout video conferencingIt is used for messaging,voice and video calls.These are also available as apps in android phones.A group video chatting consisting of normally 10 users can be done.These software is having competition with Facebook messenger or WhatsApp.Many a times personal information gets shared.

Open Hangouts->Click on search->Type email or name of person.->type message and                                                         send

5)Skype FreeSkype Free video conferencingShare a free video call with friends,family or business people.There can be upto 250 people in a conference.The security and management of user’s account is taken care of very well.

Install Skype->Tap on the App to make a Call.

We can make two types of calls(1)Either Skype to Skype(2)Or Skype to other Phones.

6)Spreed MeetingSpreed Meeting video conferencingHere we don’t need to install or download anything.We require a web browser and a compatible version of media player.The spreed is used worldwide.

Sign-up and make your account->Activate the account->Login>Create meeting

7)Mikogo FreeMikogo Free video conferencingThis video conferencing software works in cross platform.The presenter can have any operating system and the attendant can have any other operating system.It was founded during the year 2004,in Germany.Mikogo is a very friendly web conferencing software comparartively.

Install Mikogo archive file->Open the Mikogo application->Create account->Click Start to begin meeting session.

8)GoToMeeting FreeGoToMeeting Free video conferencingHere we have multi monitor access or share keyboard/mouse,sharing and transferring files etc.Almost all of the systems and devices fulfills the requirements for this software.This was developed in 2004,California.Also conferencing is faster.

Download and install GoToMeeting Free app->Click the buttons for file sharing

9) video conferencingIt is a free instantly file sharing and conferencing tool.It offers the varieties of videos like simple,light or floating images.Proper speed and right delivery of data makes user’s wanted choice.It was founded in USA,2011.

Go to website->Open the application->Invite others to join application->Start sharing screen with each other.

10)MeetingBurnerMeetingBurner video conferencingThis software comes with the largest number of features like email or sms reminder,recording of videos etc.It provides free service,quicker in action and a much improved version.It was founded in the year 2011,USA.

Click the MeetingBurner app->Press the Start meeting button->share the screen with your friends.


What are the disadvantages of video conferencing softwares?

1)Physically people are absent.

2)As this is a remote communication we are restricted to time schedule.

3)There are many people who may still find it difficult to use these kind of softwares.

4)A clear connection and error-free data transmission is required.

 What is the future scope of  Video Conferencing softwares?

1) Due to its increasing use it will be made available to every people emerging from various sectors.

2)More tools will be included to make online meeting efficient.

3)Supports entire devices like smartphones,android or i-phones or operating systems of all kinds.

What are the factors to choose the software?




4)Maintenance of image,audio or video quality.


These softwares nowadays have unlimited number of attendees in group conference or meeting.

Name of Software Paid Plan
TeamViewer $445-$1700(15 to 25)
AnyMeeting $80-$3000(100 to 1000 attendees)
WebEx Meetings Basic $25-$70(5 to 100 attendees)
Google+ Hangout $120(5 to 15 participants)
Skype Free $3-$15/month(25 to 300 people in a group)
Spreed Meeting 1 euro per minute(5 to 1000)
Mikogo Free $15-$20(25 to 50 users in a group)
GoToMeeting Free $20-$50(25-100 attendees) $20-$25(10-250 meeting participants)
MeetingBurner $40(5 to 250 attendees)