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Latest technology wireless earphones for best sound quality without any distortion and easy useability

wireless earphone looks

Wireless earphone for mobiles does not require any cable or wire for connection.The people use it to listen to audio/video files.It works by (a) Infra -red signals or transmitted by (b)Bluetooth software (c) Wi-Fi.

Purpose of Earphone :-

First of all,in call centers employees use this device to work comfortably.Secondly,people use it during jogging or exercises in a gym. Also one can watch television late night without disturbing others.The singers,musicians and sound engineers use it professionally.At places like DJ parties and recording studios,people can test the sound quality very clearly.

Remarkable features of wireless earphone:-

An earphone always produces high quality sound as output.It is available in different colors. It has various stylish looks.We connect mic with earphone to speak and attend calls.Generally,the earphones doesn’t allow the background noise to reach our ears.It’s small size should fit into our ears without any pain.When playing games in smartphones or tablets,the players very easily understand the direction and echo of sound.So,by the earphone players make a good judgement of origin of sound.For example -trigerring bullets,hitting a ball,start of any type of music etc.It should response perfectly to the frequency range i.e.20Hz-20,000Hz.

Pros and cons of wireless earphone :-

  1. An individual creates his own separate working zone.
  2. There are no distractions or interruptions.
  3. An individual is least effected by external noise.
  4. It is disadvantageous if we use earphone with loud sound always.
  5. It is harmful for ears if we are using it for limitless hours.

The drivers are the main components of earphone.The drivers convert electrical signals into sound signals that can be heared by human beings.They are of following types :-

  1. Electrostatic drivers.
  2. Magnetic drivers.
  3. Armature drivers.
  4. Moving coil drivers.

The Impedence refers to the power needed by drivers.The low impedence value earphone requires less power.Hence,it can easily be connected to smartphones or tablets.

Different Brands of Wireless earphones :


LEMFO wireless earphone

It is sweat-proof and water-proof.An individual can use it for events like sports.Also one can use it during running or jumping.It is compatible with all mobile devices.The price range is $7-$10.







  • BTK-M12

BTK-M12 wireless earphone

We can wear this earphone comfortably.It reduces the external sound to zero.A person doing any activity and at any place can use it.It supports android phones like LG and Samsung,the best.It is compatible for other phones too.The price range is $20-$25.






The other brands have the common properties as mentioned above.A Headphone is an advanced product over earphone.